Valuation Ordering Problem

Valuation Service Closed
Our online valuation facility is now closed. However, we hope that the information provided on the site will remain useful, and be of assistance to site visitors.

I'm having trouble ordering a valuation - what can I do?

Make Sure Cookies are Enabled

If you have difficulty ordering a valuation, please check your "cookie" settings. You must have cookies enabled in your web browser (or any other software or app you are using) to submit details and photos of a picture you wish to have valued, and to successfully add this information to your valuation order.

(A typical problem that might be experienced without cookies enabled is that when you press the "Add Valuation to Your Order" button after successfully uploading photos and adding details of your picture to the valuation form, you receive a message saying that you have not submitted any details or photos for valuation).

Try Using A Different Web Browser

There may be some kind of incompatibility between your web browser and our website. Switching to a different web browser could resolve the problem.

Internet Explorer Users Try Enabling 'Compatibility View'

Internet Explorer users may need to turn on 'Compatibility View' to successfully order a valuation. (Do this by clicking the broken page Compatibility View button Compatibility View button in the address bar, if it appears, or by clicking Compatibility View settings under the Tools menu, and adding picturevaluation.com to the list of websites to be viewed in this mode).

Try Again Later

Another cause of your difficulty could be that there was a temporary webserver problem at the time you tried to order your valuation. If this is the case, it is likely that the problem will be fixed within a short space of time, enabling you to submit your valuation successfully if you try again later.

Still Having Problems?

If you continue to have problems, please contact us. It would be helpful for us to know what web browser and version, what computer or device, and what operating system you are using. This information should help us to diagnose your problem, and avoid similar problems occurring in the future.

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