Statement from Picturevaluation.Com About The Plagiarism Of Our Website By The Operators Of The ValueYourArt.Com Website

It has come to our attention that the operators of a website called 'Value Your Art' at valueyourart.com have copied our website in its entirety, and are re-publishing our content under their own name, with just a few minor alterations or additions, and some cosmetic changes.

We would like to point out that we have no connection whatsoever with this website or its operators.

We hope that clients and visitors to our site will not be confused, or deterred from using our services by this other website, despite its content being virtually identical to ours, with our name and contact information appearing on the site.

We consider the actions of 'Value Your Art' to be a major infringement of our copyright. Our work is protected under law, and their action constitutes a severe breach of our legal rights.

We are taking steps to have our content removed from their site as soon as is practicably possible, and under any circumstance within 28 days of the date we first contacted them about our concerns.

We are extremely worried that duplicate or near-duplicate copy of our content on the Internet could cause, or has caused, our site to fall in search engine rankings, resulting in loss of business.

Furthermore, beyond what we have stated here, we have no other knowledge of ValueYourArt.Com, their principals, staff or employees, or the quality or reliability of their art valuation service.

We are very concerned that any client of 'ValueYourArt.Com' who might be dissatisfied with the service provided by 'ValueYourArt.Com' might consider PictureValuation.com in some way responsible due to confusion caused by the duplicate content, and our contact information appearing on the 'Value Your Art' website, and might erroneously take action against us, causing serious long-term damage to our business.

Of course we have no objection to other art market professionals competing with us to offer art valuations on the internet, and wish their business well in a spirit of friendly rivalry, but cannot accept the wholesale copying of our website and any damage caused to us as a result.

We have informed the ValueYourArt.Com web hosting company of our concerns.

15th July 2012

UPDATE 17th July 2012 - the ValueYourArt.Com web hosting company suspends the account.

UPDATE 6th August 2012 - the ValueYourArt.Com website is back online, with some of our content, including our postal address, edited out.