How To Get An Art Valuation

Valuation Service Closed
Our online valuation facility is now closed. However, we hope that the information provided on the site will remain useful, and be of assistance to site visitors.
Click a Valuation Button to Get Started
Click a Valuation Button
Select a Picture Type then Known or Unknown Artist to continue.
Upload Photos and Tell Us About The Picture
Upload Photos and Tell Us About The Picture
The more you tell us, the more accurate your valuation will be.
Receive Your Valuation Report by Email
Receive Your Art Valuation by Email
You'll receive your valuation report by email within 48 hours.

Here's how to get an art valuation from PictureValuation in more detail:

Take Some Photos Of Your Picture

Take some digital photos of your picture from the front and the back, plus close-ups of any signature, inscriptions, labels etc.

Make sure the photos are on your computer or device, so they are ready to upload via our website.

Click here for more information about taking and uploading your photos, and what photos to send.

Send Us The Photos And Details Of Your Picture Via This Website

When you are ready to request your valuation:

Click Get A Valuation or any of the other valuation buttons to start your valuation.

Select Known or Unknown artist depending on whether you know the identity or full name of the artist who created your picture or not.

Select Picture Type, if a number of options are available, to go to the appropriate valuation form. (If you are not sure what type of picture you have, or none of the available valuation options are suitable, select the catch-all "Picture Valuation" option).

Click the Upload a Photo buttons to upload photos of your picture. A thumbnail image of your photo will appear when a photo has been successfully uploaded.

Add all the information you have about the picture to the valuation form.

Click the Add Valuation to Your Order button.

You can then submit another picture for valuation by clicking a valuation button, or proceed to the Checkout stage to complete your valuation order.

We accept payment for valuations by credit card, debit card or PayPal account only, processed via the PayPal website.

Receive Your Valuation By Email

You will receive your valuation report by email within 48 hours. It will arrive as an email attachment, and will be in the widely-used PDF format, which can be viewed and printed using your computer or device.

Our reports average about 190 words, and include some information about the artist, if known, a description of the work and its apparent condition, and our comments about the valuation.

Any significant information you have provided to us about the picture, its provenance and so on, may be added to the report, so that you have a written record of this information.

A high and low estimate of value will be provided.