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Our online valuation facility is now closed. However, we hope that the information provided on the site will remain useful, and be of assistance to site visitors.

Can you authenticate my picture?

PictureValuation are art valuers, not art authenticators, but an important part of valuing an artwork is of course the consideration of the authenticity of a picture.

A valuer's expertise lies in their awareness of the current state of the art market, their knowledge of the work of individual artists, and the essential ability to look at an artwork objectively.

This ability to look at an artwork objectively requires what might be called the "suspension of belief". The valuer must briefly ignore any information or opinion provided regarding the picture - even the signature on the picture - and look at the work with a mind uninfluenced by any external factors.

Sometimes it is quite obvious that a picture is not what it purports to be, or what a signature on the work suggests it might be. On other occasions there may only be doubts about a work's authenticity.

PictureValuation have valued works by many artists where there have been uncertainties about authenticity to a greater or lesser degree.

Rest assured that any doubts we have about a picture will be clearly listed in our valuation report. We will also note how these concerns have influenced the value we provide, along with our recommendations for further research, which may include the forensic examination of the picture.

As with the values we assign to pictures, any comments we make about authenticity are only an opinion, and cannot be taken as definitive facts.

It is therefore essential that in cases where there are doubts about the authenticity of a picture, owners take further steps to satisfy themselves conclusively about this matter before any sale or disposal of the picture is considered.

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